Hi there! Thank you for taking a moment to learn about me and my company.

I have been a planner for as long as I can remember. As a child, I created detailed itineraries for family vacations, reunions, and birthday parties. As I grew older, friends and neighbors began requesting my assistance with their own events. Having Graduated in Computer Science and worked as a techie for almost 5 years. The part of creating and planning events in me never left.

But it wasn’t until I began planning my own wedding that I realized my obsession with all things wedding-related. I enjoyed negotiating with venues and vendors to obtain the best prices for my husband and me. I delighted in researching every little detail and moment of the wedding, and then preparing a timeline and master plan to bring it all together. In the end, I planned a fairytale wedding that had been spoken and used as inspirational photos for really long.

In sharing my interest in weddings with recently engaged couples, I realized that many of them were unsure or overwhelmed by the wedding planning process. It was at that point that I realized I had a skill – one that I had been developing for many years – and I began helping to plan weddings as a hobby. I decided to turn my indescribable joy and passion for wedding planning into a full-time career… and Lady Bird events  was born. 

The journey of being a wedding planning entrepreneur from a computer engineer was challenging ,What made it easy for me? Helping couples plan their weddings is something that I found extremely exciting and rewarding. It  meant the most to me.

Now, I  work tirelessly to ensure that level of energy and enthusiasm is reflected in every event that I have the privilege of orchestrating. It would be my greatest pleasure to help you make your dream wedding a reality. I look forward to meeting you!