The Grandover Resort, Greensboro NC
Friday, June 05, 2015
By Steve Herald
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Planning a wedding is never a walk in the park, and that’s part of the reason I love what I do as a wedding planner. But sometimes an event comes along that presents a variety of challenges unlike any other. While challenging, these types of events force my team and me to be extra creative and flexible in making the event a success. A recent example of this is the wedding of Minal and Rahul.

The couple hosted a five-day wedding weekend at the beautiful Grandover Resort in Greensboro, NC. The real challenge came from the locations of the groom, families and various guests. With Minal’s family in Winston-Salem, Minal in Virginia, the Rahul in New Jersey and more than 300 guests attending from all over, staying organized was the key to the event’s success.

The bride and her family were a great help. We were able to seamlessly coordinate all components of the weekend, including everything needed for the big day such as the mandap, flowers, décor, linens and other intricate details to achieve a luxurious and stunning look.

This was one of my favorite events to be a part of, and it was a pleasure to work with this couple for an exciting five-day celebration.

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